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We are on Twitch!

Follow us to join the next stream and have fun together!

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Find scammers numbers


This is one of my favourite website within the scambaiting community.

It is possible to search for phone numbers and eventually to call scammers as well.

For active users with more than 5000XP is also possible to post numbers.…

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Scambaiting tools


Best Free Keylogger

Simple and effective, this keylogger will be really helpful!

Click here to check the official website. The lite version is for free!


This keylogger is available for free as well.

It got a bunch of …

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How to scambait

In this tutorial I want to answer to all the questions I usually get about scambaiting.

Lately a lot of people are getting into this so I decided to write down some helpful and simple tricks to have some fun …

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