Find scammers numbers


This is one of my favourite website within the scambaiting community.

It is possible to search for phone numbers and eventually to call scammers as well.

For active users with more than 5000XP is also possible to post numbers.

Please ALWAYS verify your numbers before posting.

It would be racist and pretentious to assume that any number we call has to automatically be own by a scammer.

Always LISTEN before talking, do not engage a call just going out with benchod and cussing them out since the first moment.

You will achieve the best results with patience and scammer will rage way more if he spends long time on a call with you before figuring out that he is the one getting scammed. is an amazing website to get scammers phone numbers but also to share information about them and finally expose them.

So after you engage a call with scammers you can actually collect all the data you can and publish it here!

I can tell you scammers do not like that!


Popupdb is an amazing project to collect and gather together malicious popups which usually are made to trick people into calling the number which comes on the screen.

Popup scammers are having really weird shift, sometimes they gonna be working when anyone else will not.

You can find popup from all around the world, sometimes Japan as well.

So this is a great resource to find scammers numbers.

Please keep in mind that popup scammers are like the popup themselves.

Since it is a malicious code those kind of page can get removed by the hosting and so on…

So I wish you good hunting!

Catch scammers and have fun!

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