About Us

Scam Fight Club is a nonprofit organization born in the Spring of 2020.

Our team actively helps people who have been scammed or are at risk of being scammed.

We manage to do this by contacting elderly people and anyone else who somehow ends up in a scammer “call list”.

All of our services are absolutely free; we do not charge any money, and we never will.

We decided to create the Scam Fight Club because we are aware that we could never make the difference just by ourselves.

Anyone can actually help: whether it’s dedicating time and contributing with your skills (such as programming), keeping scammers busy on the phone, and so on. #WeAreAllScambaiters

Others are helping us with donations and we truly appreciate that. With that money, we are able to work more effectively and have a better chance at saving potential victims. Hosting/Servers, phone lines, software … all of that costs us money.
That’s why we are really grateful for the support we receive from our Patreon.
We couldn’t achieve our goals without you!

Please contact us if you would like to join the fight against scammers. The more of us there are, the more scammers have problems running their fraudulent business.

Crypto Donations help us save on shitty costs from Patreon and Co.

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